7 Mile Road - ...and their eyes were opened

7 Mile Road:

A strange name for a vocal group?  In the book of Luke, we read of two men  who walked a short 7 miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus, not recognizing the man walking with them was their Savior.  He encouraged them in their hour of desperation and sadness until “their eyes were opened.”

Jack, Jim and Kody sing and minister that message in the words of their songs and by sharing their own life experiences.  Each  brings years of vocal experience blending in a unique and enjoyable musical style and presentation.  The message they bring is that we all are walking our own  7 Mile Road but there is one who …whether we yet see Him or not…..IS walking that lonely road with us.  We are not alone!

Hear the message of HOPE in word and in song….Southern Gospel/Inspirational style!