Jim grew up in Casper, Wyoming where he learned all of the 'old songs' that still are his favorites. He has enjoyed learning the 'new sound' of gospel music, for it still has that same message: THAT CHRIST STILL SAVES AND REDEEMS THOSE WHO WILL TURN TO HIM!!! He enjoys ministering through song to those that have not met the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, but also to those believers who need encouragement that Jesus KNOWS them and their circumstances, and is STILL walking beside them on their "7 Mile Road."

Jim has been given the opportunity to sing beginning as a young teen with a choir that traveled for a few weeks each summer throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and the Dakotas. He was a part of a select choral ensemble that presented a song before the Wyoming legislature to be considered for the state's official song. He left music and church for many years, but after rededicating his life in 1993, God allowed him to sing again for HIS glory! Jim traveled Michigan, and surrounding states singing as a soloist, and also with a trio, The New Life Ambassadors. Moving to Tulsa in 1998, he met and started singing with a regional quartet, The Ambassadors, in 2002. He is very excited about 7 Mile Road, and the journey God has for this group.

Jim lives in Sapulpa, Oklahoma with his wife of 30 years, Ula. Ula is a retired Army NCO who served for twenty-four years as an army logistics NCO. They are truly enjoying the friends God has shared with them there, and although there has been a GREAT past, are truly looking forward to the future.